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Sun, 22 Jun 2008
Princess Cornflower would like to share a story with you, that her mother Queen Pepper used to read to her when she was tiny.
Cornflower ready for bed in her Nightie. The Princess Cornflower Diaries

Many years ago when I was a little girl, my mother Queen Pepper told me this story. It was called "Soft Water" and it was about a princess like myself.
I am not sure but I think it was written by a lady named Elizabeth Fleming but I may be mistaken anyway here it is.

Soft Water

The good King's daughter had no soft water, had no soft water to wash her face, forth went footmen and forth went pages, to look for water in every place.

village water
They crawled up mountains, t
hey crept down tunnels, they felt the waterfalls everywhere; They spied on houses with water-barrels,
but no soft water was hidden there.

The Princess wept when they came to tell her, of fruitless searching and labours vain. "How can I wash if I have no soft water? And what shall I do if it doesn't rain?
page - boy
The youngest page boy awoke right early, and went out walking at break of day, and high on a hill he found a dewpond, a little round dewpond tucked away.

He went on his knees and peeped in the dewpond; Mist lay over it white as milk; he dipped his hands and the ice cold water ran through his fingers as Soft as Silk!

He filled his goblet and sought the Princess; The poor little Princess wept with joy, and told the King, and the King said, "Splendid!" And made him the Prince's whipping boy.
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