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Diddily Dee Dot's Dreamland for Children Everywhere
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Thu, 26 Apr 2012
Flo's Letter, is a wonderful piece of childish thoughts from a young lady, who of course, is called Flo!

Diddily Dee Dot's Dreamland is in


Flo's Letter

( Anon )

A sweet little baby brother has come to live with Flo,
She wanted him brought to the table that it might eat and grow.
"It must wait awhile," said grandmamma, In answer to her plea,
"For a little thing that hasn't teeth can't eat like you and me."

"Why hasn't it teeth dear gran'ma ?" asked Flo in great surprise
"Oh my ! but isn't it funny ? No teeth ! but nose and eyes
I guess the baby's toofies must have been forgot 
Can't we buy him some like grandpa's ? I'd like to know why not."

That afternoon, to a corner, with paper pen and ink
Went Flo saying, "Don't you talk; if you do you'll 'sturb my think.
I'm writing a letter, gran'ma to send to heaven tonight
And 'cause it's very important I want to get it right."

At last the letter was finished - a wonderful letter to see
Directed up to heaven, and then Flo read it to me :
"Dear God, the baby you brought was awfully nice and sweet,
But because you forgot his toofies the poor little thing can't eat.

"So that's why I'm writing this letter, on purpose to let you know,
Please come and finish the baby - that's all, from little Flo.


This poem was part of "The Book of Really Good Recitations" which was printed around 1919,   with many of the pieces being selected by the editor Beryl Heitland, way back in the nineteenth century . Part of the Kingsway Series, the Recitations truly bring to the reader an amazing amount of very funny monologues, etc.,

Seligor 2012

Posted 04:40

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Not Anon
Written by Eben E Rexford, appears in a very old book I have called 'Everybody's Book of Recitations'
Posted by christine

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