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Tue, 27 May 2008
A beautiful story from India, do go to Monty's Magic Shop to read the whole tale

Once upon a time there was a small village. Salma with her sweet little daughter lived in a small cottage in the village. They were very happy and contented.  Salma had a magic kadahi (pan), which was given to her by a sage who had come to the village just after Salma was married. This pan was a big support to Salma and her daughter.
 At mealtime Salma would put the pan on the stove and say: " Pan. O Pan! Please cook. And quickly too. I am hungry. Cook some porridge." No sooner these words were said than boiling porridge would appear in the pan and the pan would start filling up with it. When there was enough porridge for both Salma and her daughter Salma would say: Pan, O Pan! Please stop. And quickly too. Our stomachs are full. And thank you too." The moment these words were uttered the pan would stop cooking and Salma would place it on the table and she and her daughter would eat their fill. Salma would then say, "Pan, O Pan! Clean thyself. We are full for now. And thank you too." The pan would then become sparkling new and Salma would put it away, Rahimchacha was Salma's neighbour and a very inquisitive man. He often said to himself, " Salma and her daughter seem very well fed and healthy, but I never hear the rattle of pots and pans which is and indication of someone cooking. I also have never seen her washing her pots and pans ever. The question is do they cook? 
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