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Tue, 04 Feb 2014
How the Robin got his Red Breast

                                 Why the Robin Has a Red Breast? Polar bear

This legend comes from the Inuit people and it tells us of how the Robin got his redbreast.

It is one of many Robin legends  told throughout this huge world of ours. Most of them have the same theme and only the places and sometimes the animals in them are told differently. I hope you enjoy this one.

                  Far, far away in a land where the snow stays on the ground most if not all of the year, where the

people used to build their homes of snow which they called Igloo's. The people hunted for their food and furs to make clothes to keep them warm throughout the coldest days. Unlike ourselves today they couldn't pop down the the shops to by a warm coat or trousers, everything they had usually came from the land itself.  But the most important thing of all was Fire, not only to keep them warm and to cook their food on but also to keep away stray animals who might fancy a hunter or his son for their supper.

           The story begins with a father and son who live in this cold land and although there were many things they had to do during the day and evening the one thing that they had to do more than any other was, yep you've guessed it,  KEEP THE FIRE ALIGHT.
“Remember son never let the fire die” his father said, "always, always make sure that there is plenty of wood to keep the fire burning", and of course whenever his father went hunting he always made sure to leave a great pile of wood for his son.

          Now there was a great white bear, who didn’t like the father at all, he knew the man was a hunter and

Robin in Snowfall Stock Image

that one day it could be him that was being hunted, but he also knew how important the fire was to the hunter and his son and he planned to put the fire out at the first opportunaty that he got and the cold would do the rest, he only had to wait for the right time when the family were sleeping.

       One day, the boys father fell ill. He wasn’t able to go hunting or to take turns with his son to keep the fire alight. The boy tried staying awake for as long as he could. Several days passed and the white bear knew that this was the time he'd been waiting for.
As hard as he tried the boy began to get weary and one night he couldn’t keep his eyes open any longer and he fell asleep. It was now that the white bear saw his chance.
Carefully and quietly he approached the fire and stomped on it with his paws till the fire was gone.
“Now will see how you make your meat without fire” said angry bear and left, and without a fire it was getting cold very fast. Frost was started to gather around boy’s bed. But alas he was so tired that even coldness wasn’t bothering him. He fell into a deep, deep sleep.

         Unbeknown to the great white bear however the boy had a special friend whom he used to chat too and feed whilst his father was out hunting and it was this special friend who watched as the bear put out the fire and he knew it was up to him to try and help his friend..  The bird got there just in time, he scratched with his tiny claws among the ashes looking for a spark that would rekindle the fire.
“Ah, here it is” said the bird excitedly and started fanning the sparks with his wings as quickly as he could to bring the fire to life again.
The bird flapped so much that the fire began to spread from one stick to another. So hard was he flapping that he didn't notice that the fire was scorching the feathers on his chest.More and more sticks caught alight and the bird his work done flew away into the trees, hurting from the burns to his chest he sat their patiently waiting for the boy to awake.
He didn't have to wait long for the boy awoke and noticing that the fire was burning down piled on sticks and soon the fire was burning fiercely, not only that but his he saw his father stirring in his bed and quickly put on the kettle so that he could make him a cup of tea and even a piece of toast covered in dripping, that should soon make his dad better.
In the distance the white bear noticed what the boy was doing and was cursing the little bird that helped him. He decided to pack his case and move to a different part of the land.

Robin Redbreast

      The hunter got better, his young son was happy that his dad  was better and that was it, the end of the story......  but is it? No I don't think so. What about the little brown bird who when he flew down to the snow house surprised the boy by showing him his red breast. Through time he began to get called redbreast, someone added the name Robin and from that day he is always referred to as Robin of the Red Breast or to you and me ~ Robin Redbreast.

As told by Dorothy Milnes-Simm 2014
Posted 09:47

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