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Thu, 26 Nov 2009
I wonder why the kitten ran when he saw the Milkman?


Dozy Dora's kitten.


Playing with a little kitten

Dozy Dora lost her knitting.

Before too long the cat went missing,

leaving Dora clucking, fussing.

If her hearing had been better

oh dear
naughty puss cat

- curled up in a half-finished mitten.


Oh where is that knitting?

she swore and she cussed,

pulling her hair until it was mussed.

It was not until late the next morning

she looked in a drawer

for a shilling to pay a man at the door

and there was the knitting

and in it the kitten,

the end of the wool all caught up in its claws!


Carefully she unravelled it,

anxious not to make it skit

but intent as she was on her lip-biting task

she quite forgot the waiting milkman

and rap, rap, rap, he struck her knockerMilkman

and up jumped Puss, his two eyes round.


In a flash he was out of the drawer

running as he hit the ground,

half a mile outside the pound,

Dozy Dora's unravelled mitten

trailing out behind him.

But at least, thought Dora,

he was safe and sound.

 Many kittens

Putting out a bowl of milk

(after paying off the churlish merchant)

she found his little bell and rang it.

Presently the cat came back

with half a moiien wrapped around it.

Oh dear, said Dozy Dora

and put down the old tin mug of coconut milk

and Baileys she was drinking with a loud clatter.

Try as she might she just couldn't remember

who she had been making the mitten for

but eventualy decided it didn't really matter...


As it was they were for herself,

lovely cakesto try to stop her fingers aching

and to help her take hot cake

from out of the oven

(she was very good at baking).

She remembered eventually of course,

just after the main course,

her guests all now quite anxious for pudding.


Quickly she sent our the cat,mummy cat
and mummy mouse

in his best frock and cap

to buy what he could for a shilling.

Imagine her stare when he flew down the stairs

with a tray of cup-cakes and eclairs.

"I was saving them for a rainy day," he purred.

"Is it raining then?" Dora asked the kitten,

"you might have told me earlier,

I might have remembered to bring in the washing."


Knitty kittyBut the clever kitten had already done it

and do you know what?

He had even finished knitting the mitten.

Dear old Dozy Dora and her helpful kitten!


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