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Fri, 28 Nov 2008

Once upon a time there was a poor man who had an only son born to him. It was said the child was born under a lucky star, and those who told his fortune said that in his fourteenth year he would marry the king's daughter.
      It so happened that the king of that land, had heard of this rumour, and  soon after the child' s birth, he passed through the village in disguise, and asked whether there was any news.
      "Yes," said the people; "a child  has just been born, who they say, is to be a lucky one; and when he is fourteen years old he is to marry the king's daughter.
This did not please the king for he did not want his daughter to be married to the son of a poor peasant. So without a
nother thought he went to find the child's parents and asked them if they would sell their son to him.
At first they refused, how could anyone think they could part with their own child. But the stranger begged very hard indeed and offered them an awful lot of money, and as they had scarcly any bread for themselves they eventually decided to accept the strangers offer and so 
the couple put the baby into a box and gave him to the king.
     The king took the box and rode away till he came to a stream, there he threw the box into the water. but the box didn't sink, instead it floated down the stream. The child was indeed a lucky one, for a kind fairy chanced to happen that way and watched over the box to make sure no water reached the child.; and at last about two miles from the king's capital, the box stopped beside a mill.
The miller was amazed when he heard the sound of someone crying coming from the box and he took a long pole and drew it towards the shore. He was even more surprised when he took the lid off to find a pretty little boy, now smiling at him.
The miller and his good wife had no children of their own and so were pleased to have rescued the wee chappie. "I think Heaven must have sent him to us." the miller's wife said as she  carried the baby into the mill house.

        Thirteen years passed and the baby grew into a healthy young boy filled with love and affection of his adoptive parents. Then one day there came a visitor to the mill, it was no other than the king himself, he couldn't help noticing the good looking boy that worked at the mill.
"Is this your son?" he asked the miller. The miller not wanting to tell any lies told the king the truth about finding the babe in the box in the stream some thirteen years ago.
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