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Diddily Dee Dot's Dreamland for Children Everywhere
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Sat, 09 Oct 2010
Bubble and Squeek go to America in Buffalo Bubbles.
 Diddily Dee Dot's DreamlandBuffalo Big One
The Story Teller
would like to tell you a story from
Arthur Groom

Portrait of Arthur Groom  (1904 - 1953)GROOM, ARTHUR (1904-1953), conservationist and author, was born on 11 December 1904 at Caulfield, Melbourne, son of Arthur Champion Groom and Eva Rosabelle Groom.
His parents moved to Longreach, Queensland, about 1911 and to Julia Creek about 1916. Arthur finished his schooling as a boarder at the Southport School near Brisbane.
 He was a jackeroo at Lake Nash cattle-station on the Northern Territory border in 1922-25, then went to Brisbane in 1926 to write for the Sunday Mail.
He won second prize in a Bulletin story competition in the late 1920s and in 1930 published his first book, A Merry Christmas, in London.
The story was set in Brisbane and far western Queensland.

For any children who might be interested in the Author who gave us many books including the fabulous Bubble and Squeek Annual, one of which I have still got today, although I must admit it's a bit tatty now, follow this link to Australia.

Arthur Groom (1904 - 1953), self-portrait, 1930s, courtesy of National Library of Australia.http://adbonline.anu.edu.au/biogs/A090123b.htm




As the man in the huge hat, the brightly coloured tie and bright yellow shoes held up a large cigar in his right hand, Squeek pulled up with a shriek of brakes and headed for the pavement.

" Hello ! he said. "Howya, Bud ?
The passenger grinned. "So you speak American, huh ?" he said. "Waa! I'm glad to meet you. The name is Ted and fellows call me Texas Ted. "
"Why ?" asked little Squeeker.
"Because little lady," answered the American with the big cigar, "I come from Texas. That's a part of the United
States of America. Say buddy." he looked at Bubble. "Can you drive a guy over there ?"
              The Jolly taxi-man threw away the tiny end of a cigarette as he accepted a cigar from the American. "Sure," he cried. "Where is the passenger ?"
"He's right here," laughed Texas Ted. " Yep ! It's me. Drive me to the Horseshoe Ranch, Cactus City Texas." And he hopped into the cab as perky as could be.
"Do you know the way Squeek ?" whispered Bubble.
"I know the way to a ship, Bubble," came the reply, "and we can ask when we get to New York. Hooray ! I've always wanted to go to America. Honk away, Herbert, we're off on a long run. Yes, and you can start ticking up the dollars, Monty, because we will need plenty when we get across the Atlantic Ocean." And Squeek dashed away for the seaside and a ship, singing : "Yankee Doodle !" at the top of his voice.
"Brrrrm ! Brrrrrrm !"
New York
      The big steamer hooted loudly as she saw Squeek dash up to the quay with Bubble at the wheel and Texas Ted inside.
"Alright, Alright ! " snapped the cab. "I'm coming."
"Come on then !" drawled the steamer and, reaching down with a crane lifted the cab and his passengers on to her deck. "There ! Now you'll be alright.  Off we go. First stop New York City.
Brrrrrm !  Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmm !"

And before the Captain had time to kiss his wife goodbye, the Queen of the Seas dashed down the wide river and hYippee e e e!eaded out to the ope sea.
 How Bubble, Squeek, Herbert Horn, Monty Meter and little Squeeker enjoyed that trip ! They gulped down gallons and gallons of pure salt air; they walked round and round and round the deck with Texas Ted; they had tea in the Captains cabin; they listened to the ship's orchestra, and Squeek insisted upon meeting Rumble - Rumble the great steamer's engine.

      At last, one misty morning, the huge figure of the Statue of Liberty appeared out of the mists in New York Harbour.
"Welcome to America, Bubble," she called out, waving her hand and nearly putting out the torch she held. "Same to you Squeek. Hope you have a good time."
   "I'll see to that, Ma'am " laughed Texas Ted. "I'm paying for this trip. Yippppeeeeee !" And he gave a shrill, happy cowboy yell and helped the Queen of the Seas to tie up at the quay by lassoing a post on the shore.
How they all enjoyd a few days in the great American city.
They went up to the very top of skyscrapers; they saw the bright lights; they went to the theatre, and did all the things that visitors to New York usually do. Yes, and Texas Ted paid for everything, feeding Monty SO well that he soon has a pain in his tummy and just couldn't have eaten another dime to save his life.
  "Now friends," cried Texas one morning. "It's time we hit the highway for Catcus City. Gee ! I'm aching to see Horseshoe Ranch once more. How do I look now, eh ? " And he showed off his cowboy clothes. " Reckon they're better than my town clothes."
Squeeker's eyes opened wide. Can't I be a cowgirl?" she asked. "Of course you can," Came the reply. "Let's go and buy some new things for all of you."

   Thus they set off along the broad highway, even Bubble had a huge hat, a brightly
coloured scarf, a chequered shirt and top boots. Only Squeek had refused to dress up as an American Cowboy. "I'm alright as I am," he declared.  "Weeeek ! This road is simply grand !" And he fairly whistled down the length of America, bound for the Horseshoe Ranch near Catcus City, Texas.
    After a thrilling drive there they were being greeted by Texas Ted's cow-boys.
   "Yipppeee !" shrilled the men, as they rode alongside a proud and excited Squeek.
   From that moment the visitors did not have a second to spare. They rounded up the cattle, they roped steers, they went to exciting dances in great barns and did all the things that cowboys and cowgirls do.
Why , little Squeeker got so tired that she often came home to the ranch fast asleep in Texas Ted's arms.

"Well," said Bubble at last. "I reckon we must be getting home now, Texas.".. 
The American nodded. "Sure," he said, "but I'll be over in England again soon and I'll
look you up. Meanwhile buddy, what about a last ride, eh? We#ll start tomorrow morning and maybe we'll see a herd of buffaloes. There are still some about. How would you like that, little Squeeker ?"
"Oh please, Unky Ted," squeaked the little cab. "It would be oovey."
So, at sunup the next morning, off they went in Squeek across the wiide prairie. On and on and on they drove until, in the far distance herbert Horn saw a column of dust.
"Honk!" he cried nervously. "What's that, Texas?"
"Gee Whiz!" cried the rancher. "That's a herd of buffaloes. Hurry up, Squeek, they won't hurt you and we don't want to miss them. Step on it !"
will be near enough Squeek
Bubble put his foot hard down on the accelerator pedal and away they went, bouncing over the rough ground with Squeek's heart going pit-a-pat, pat-a-pit with excitement.
Soon they could all see the great herd of beasts thundering along in a cloud of thick, yellow, choking dust.
 "Whoa!" cried Texas Ted warningly. That will be near enough Squeek. We don't want to ask for trouble."
Squeek stopped at once but trouble
WAS coming all right.
   In the silence, except for the pounding of the buffalo's hoofs, little Squeeker gave a honk of sheer excitement. Immediately the head of the leader of the herd went up and he turned.  That meant that all the others turned at the same time and, before anyone could have said "Gee Whiz!" The whole herd was tearing down towards poor shivering Squeek and his passengers.
 "Quickly !" yelled Texas Ted. Start your engine Squeek, and go like the wind."
 "Whirrrrr !" The self-starter whirred but nothing else happened.
"I --- I c can't start . . ." wailed the frightened cab.
That was a near thing, they went round
us, phew!

Then Bubble, spurs a jingle, jumped out  of the seat and tried to start Squeek with the starting handle, but it was no good, no good at all. By this time the beasts were only a few hundred yards away so Bubble scuttled  back to his seat, put his huge hat over his eyes, crouched over the wheel and waited.
RUMMMMMBLLLLLEEEEE !" In a roar of sound the buffalo herd reached the taxi and Squeek knelt down with his mudguards over his eyes.
The seconds ticked by and Monty Meter swallowed half a dollar at one gulp in his excitement. There was a roaring in the ears of the travellers and then, quite suddenly, everything was silent.
"Hey !" came the voice of Texas Ted. "Everyone alright ?"
Squeek peeped out of one eye and felt himself all over. " I -- I think so," he said. "I think I'm alright."
Fill me up Bubble
 "Phew !" whistled the American. "That was a near thing. The herd went right round us. Gee! I wish I had been able to catch one of those little fellows. They sure are cute."
 Bubble shook his head. "I'm glad you didn't." he said, I never want to see another buffalo again. What a brave man Buffalo Bill must have been."
  "He certainly was !" agreed Texas. "But how about getting back to the ranch, Squeek. Can you start your engine now ?"
"Whirrrr !" went Squeek's starter and , this time, the engine burst into song.
So they returned to the Ranch but, do you know, they were all so nervous that they set off for home almost as soon as they had dropped off Texas Ted.
"S'long, buddies !" cried the rancher. " it's been swell meeting you all. Look out for me in little Old England. I'll be over again very soon."
 "We'll never forget you," called back Bubble.
"Or the Buffaloes !" piped up Squeeker. "Goodbye, Unky Ted."
And she waved until the ranch house was lost to sight in the haze and the dust of the prairie and they were heading for New York again, and England and Home.

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