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Mon, 25 Jan 2010
I love this story, I was just like Susie, my writing was terrible. hehehe
Over at Seligor's Castle I have just finished placing a story called Jacobs Chicken.
Susie with her
flowersIt comes from Milos Macourek who was born in 1926 and died in 2002 but not until he had written some wonderful tales for children. I love his stories but only now am I finding many more than the few in English I have, but now due to the world wide web we are able to find many more than we could. The one I am about to tell you now was written by Milos Macourek also  but instead of writing it in Czechoslovakian, I am writing it in English.

 Susie and the ALPHABET
Diddilydeedot's Dreamland

Once upon a time there was a little girl, and her name was Susie, whose writing was so bad that when anyone looked in her exercise book, well it made them cry. Whenever the teacher opened the book, she burst into tears and cried until her eyes were all red and her handkerchief was wet right through.
 She went along to the headmaster and showed him the book,
"Just look at these letters that Susie has written in her exercise book!" she sniffed "It is enough to make you cry." And sure enough as the headmaster looked at Susie's book he burst into tears, crying like a baby until his handkerchief was wet too.
  "Why some of these letters have broken legs, some of them haven't got any legs at all!" He sighed. "We will have to do something about it, hopefully if we work together we should be able to fix them by evening."
      So together they set to work and made some splints and plaster-casts and bandages for the broken legs, till eventually they had mended all the poor letters in Susie's exercise book.
      The next morning, before lessons started the teacher took Susie to one side and told her that they; "Didn't want to see any more broken legs, or letters with no legs at all in your writing book. You have no idea how difficult it is to repair them."
      Susie took the teachers word to heart and she tried really hard to make her letters perfect, and when she handed her book into the teacher she was sure there was not a single broken leg or no legs at all in her book.

     Yet when teacher came to look at the work, she was still very sad for the complete letters looked as if they hadn't eaten for weeks they were so thin. Being so sad the teacher decided to take the letters home and fattened them up herself, it took her all evening.  Next day when Susie arrived at the class the teacher was waiting for her,  she showed her how she had fattened up her letters, please added" Don't make them so thin dear, it took me so long to fatten  them up.
Of course Susie promised the teacher that she would try to make letters better, and she took great care not to leave a single letter thin, she worked so hard on them that when she went to bed that night she fell straight to sleep. When her teacher looked at her book later that day,
she got an awful fright, some of the letters were thin, some of the letters were fat, some straight, others sloping forward, more sloping backwards.
What a state they were in, sweaty, smelly, out of breath, all of them thirsty, what was she to do. "If I give them cold water , they will possible catch a cold," ..she pondered, "I know I shall take them home with me, give them a nice cup of tea. "
Poor teacher she was late home and very cold when she arrived. As she thought several caught a cold and nine of them developed a fever. But by then seven of them had got pneumonia. "What a night!" exclaimed teacher as sat down exhausted. Next morning the teacher said to Susie.
"Susie dear, you really must make your letter all the same, not fat, not thin, not falling forward, or slipping backwards, just look in your book, there are seven letters missing?"
Susie looked at the book, then at her teacher.
"Do you know where the missing letters are Susie? Well they are in hospital!
Susie with her
flowersOh my was Susie upset, she told two of her friends and together they decided to go to the hospital to visit them.
So the little girls bought bunches of flowers and went to the hospital.
"I am really sorry about what happened, I promise I will never make such a mess of my letters again, I promise."
"We hope you mean it Susie," they said. although they did look like they didn't think Susie could really do it. But Susie did mean what she said.
     Suddenly there was a tremendous ringing and all the letters looked terribly frightened.
"Susie, Susie it's time to get up" a voice was saying.
Susie say up in bed, rubbing her eyes as she did so; "Oh goodness, what an awful dream," she said to herself. "What a fright."
But do you know what, from that day on, Susie became the best writer in her school. Her letters were not to skinny, never too fat. No more broken legs and what's more she never
A Spider Imp, ever made them walk up hill again.

Did you love that story, your Diddily used to have awful writing, not just in school but everywhere. In fact if I tell the truth, it is just as bad now...why do you think I use the keyboard, he he he. One teacher wrote on my schoolbook. Miss Gilmore (me) I have known spiders who can write better than you!!! no marks. he he, wasn't I naughty....

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