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Mon, 24 Nov 2008
The Bad, Bad Rabbit by Marjorie Wilson, a new little poetry story in Babies and Bunnies

The Bad, Bad Rabbit

Johnnie Rabbit went one evening
When the time had come for dreaming
Scuttered up the shadowed hilltop
Where the little stars were gleaming.

Johnnie Rabbit went one eveningJohnnie Rabbit whisked his whiskers,
Whispered to the harebells growing,
"Those far shining sars of Heaven
Are wee lamps to guide my going."

Bent he was on awful mischief,
Went his white tail twinkle, twinkle;
While his little heart pit-patted
And his eyes went blinkle, blinkle.

For he knew where grew a garden
Men had planted; in his wand'rings
He had seen it, and it gave him
Till tonight, much food for pond'rings

"Carrot tops and baby turnips,
And some cabbages I knows of
Little seedlings very tender
Simple rows, and rows, and rows of."
Johnnie  liked Carrots and cabbage
Right across the starlit garden
Johnnie scuttled for his plunder,
But, as he began to nibble,
Far away there came some thunder.

"That's a funny noise," said Johnnie,
"'Spect it must be someone snoring";
Then a flash of lightning followed,
And the rain came simply pouring.

Posted 14:47

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