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Sun, 12 Apr 2009
Here is Friday also. http://diddilydeedotsdreamland.zoomshare.com/

The Sandman by Hans Christian Andersen
as written in the
Children's Treasure Book


"It is wonderful what a number of old people there are, always wanting to have me with them," said the Sandman; "Especially those who have done anything wicked."
   "Dear, good Sandman,' they say to me, ' we cannot sleep a wink all night; we lie awake, and see all our bad deeds sitting on the edge of the bed, like little ugly goblins, and sprinkling hot water over us. If you would but come and drive them away, so that we could get a little sleep; and then they would sigh so deeply, 'we will be sure to pay you well. Goodnight Sandman the money is lying on the window ledge for you,' - but I do not come for money," said the Sandman.
    "Oh dear" said Hialmar, "What shall we do tonight?"
  "Well, I do not know whether you would like to go again to a wedding? The one of which I am speaking is quite different from the one yesterday. Your sister's doll, the one that looks like a man, and is called Herman, is going to marry the doll Bertha; Besides which it is a birthday, so they will no doubt receive a great many presents."
   "oh , yes I know that already," said Hialmar; "whenever the dolls want new clothes, my sister calls it either their birthday or their wedding day. They must certainly have been married a hundred times already."
   "Yes, but tonight they will have been married for the hundred and first time; and when it has come to that number, they can never be married again. So this time the wedding will be a rather splendid affair! only look!"
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