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Sat, 10 Jan 2009
Welcome to Camelot the City of Legend and Myths?
What is left of the great Motte
of Painscastle
Today all that remains of this great fortress are massive earthworks. These consist of a great motte which was once crowned by a keep. Beneath this is a rectangular bailey all of which is still deeply ditched. The remains of two barbicans can still be made out that approached the entrances to motte and bailey. The earthworks suggest at least two round towers stood in the bailey enceinte as well as a hall block.

The Giant of Painscastle

          Once upon a time there was a strong castle which stood above the little village of Painscastle. It was held by a huge and ruthless man known as the Giant, he had a huge band of men at arms. Like the other lords in their castles at Hay and Radnor and Clifford, the giant of Painscastle deemed everything his that he could take by force, whether it was gold or cattle, or even some young girl who he decided he wanted.
         There was a lake on the western limits of the giant of Painscastle's land, it was called Llan Bwchllyn in the Welsh language. Well it so happened that one May morning he and two of his followers were riding past the lake when they caught sight of a young man and a girl walking along the green shore, each with an arm round the other's waist. The giant recognised the young man as a squire called Arthur, he was well noted for his skill with a bow and arrow, and though he had not seen the girl before he noticed that she was very beautiful and instantly determined to have her for himself. Bidding his men to follow, he cantered down to the Bwchllyn shore.
Before Arthur could defend himself or the young lady, his axe had been taked away and he himself knocked to the floor. He could only watch as they galloped away, with the screaming girl flung across the giant's saddle-bow.
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