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Sun, 12 Apr 2009
As Promised here is Wednesday, Thursday and Friday also.

The Sandman by Hans Christian Andersen
as written in the
Children's Treasure Book


     Oh how the rain was pouring down! Hialmar could hear it even in his sleep; and when the Sandman opened the window the water came in upon the ledge; there was quite a lake in front of the house, and on it was a splendid ship.
..  "Will you sail with me, little Hialmar?" said the Sandman. "If you will, you shall visit foreign lands tonight, and be back here again by the morning."
And now Hialmar dressed in his Sunday clothes, was in the ship; the weather immediately cleared up, and they floated down the street, round the church, and were soon sailing upo
n the wide open sea. They very quickly lost sight of the land, and could see only a number of storks, who had come from Hialmar's country, and were going to a warmer one.
     The storks were flying one under another, and were already far from land, when one of them was s
Turkey-cocko weary that his wings could scarcely bear him up any longer; he was last in the train, and was soon far behind the others. He sank lower and lower, with his wings outspread; he still endeavoured to move them, but all was in vain; his wings touched the ship's cordage ; he slid down the sail, and  - bounce! there he was stood on the desk.
    So the cabin boy put him into the place where the hens, ducks and turkeys were kept; the poor stork stood amongst them quite confounded.
  "Only look, what a foolish fellow! said all the hens. And the turkey-cock made himself as big as he could, and asked him who he was; and the ducks waddled backwards and pushed each other - "Quack, Quack!" http://diddilydeedotsdreamland.zoomshare.com
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