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Diddily Dee Dot's Dreamland for Children Everywhere
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Mon, 27 Jun 2011
Who do you think is the craftiest animal, well at least one of the craftiest? Come and find out at diddilydeedotsdreamland

Diddily Dee Dot's Dreamland for Children Everywhere

Family Friendly

Jamie's Jungle-book.

JAIMIE wants you to guess which is the craftiest animal ?

Maybe if she tells you a little story you will be able to tell her.

Once upon a time a crow sat on a branch of a tree. In his beak he had a very tasty piece of cheese. A fox who was squatting under the tree, wanted that piece of cheese very, very much, but how was he to get the crow to let go of the cheese, that was the question!

"Hey Crow" the fox shouted up to the crow, "I hear you have a beautiful voice."  The crow looked down at the fox and winked his eye, nodding his head as he did so.  But still crow held tight to his tasty piece of cheese.

"Oh my Mr Crow, I really would like to hear your beautiful voice?"  Fox smiled as nicely as he could. "I heard a starling singing the other day and I thought he had the best voice I'd ever heard."  

Well of course this really annoyed Mr Crow. How on earth could this stupid fox think that a starling could sing better than him! And without stopping to think it through, the crow ruffled its feathers proudly, opened his beak and down fell the cheese straight into the mouth of the sly old fox.

Foxes ar very crafty

Of course by now you must know that the fox has to be one of the contenders for the craftiest animals, in the woods anyway. Shall I tell you a little piece more about this beautiful red animal we call a fox?

Well here you go then, this very cunning wild animal can be found in woods, around farms, in towns and even in peoples gardens. At night it likes to leave its den and go searching for food, mainly small animals like rabbits, mice and hedgehogs.... but as you will know if you've ever kept chickens and hens, they also like to pinch the farmers hens when ever they can.And of course now that they have found out that we humans like to through away lots of food instead of eating it all up, they also earch through our garden dustbins searching for tasty morsels we might have left behind.

Diddily has three foxes living in the woods behind her garden. She also has a special place where Peter, (Mr Diddily) takes all sorts of good things for the foxes during the winter months. The two adults only had one cub (baby) this year, they may have had more but the very long winter here in Wales possible killed the young ones.  The female fox is called a vixen, the male a dog, and the baby a cub. They havered fur and bushy tails, tiny feet that can run very fast and even more they can taake to water if they need to get out of trouble quickly. (Do you remember the gingerbread man and the fox, oh dear poor ginger Frown. The fox is indeed a very clever little animal.

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FarmJaimies Animal
FarmJaimies Animal
FarmJaimies Animal

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