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Fri, 30 Jan 2009

      Boy Benny was left all alone, for mother was doing her work.
She had given Boy Benny his toys and his books to play with in his playroom.
      But Benny grew tired of playing and wished he had someone to talk to.
"Oh dear!" he cried, "I do wish Mother would come. I'm tired of being alone with no one
to speak to me."
      Just then the clock on the shelf struck the hour. Boy Benny looked up.
The clock was ticking the time away.
      "I believe  you could talk if you tried," he said to the clock.
"Of course I could," ticked the clock in a clear, sweet voice.
      "Oh can you really talk?" cried Boy Benny, as he skipped over to the clock and put his
hands out to it.
      "Yes, Boy Benny, I have often wanted to talk to you, but I did not know if you would like it."
 "Yes, yes," cried Benny. "Of course I like it. Please do go on talking."
      "Well little boy, do you see that although I am only a clock - I have a face?"
Boy Benny was just going to say, oh yes, but your face is flat and round - not a real
face, but he just stopped himself in time, for fear the clock might think him rude.
      So the clock went on, "Yes, and do you see that I have hands as well?"
"Yes, yes, a face and hands, just as I have," cried Boy Benny, jumping and dancing about.
       "But look," went on the clock, "My hands are not both the same size.
One is long and the other is short. The long one is much bigger than the short one."
      "My hands are alike," said Boy Benny, "Why are your hands not the same?"
 "So that you will know one hand from the other. My long hand does much more work
than the little one," said the clock.
      "How much more, Mr Clock?"
"Well, Boy, my long hand moves round my face stroking it and smoothing it, as many times
had a clock like this as it can. But the baby hand moves very slowly, while it is going round my face once its big brother goes round twelve times."
  "But, Mr. Clock, mother told me my hands would get bigger. Perhaps your baby hand will grow up and move faster."
   " I'm afraid not. If it did it would upset its big brother very much."
 "What are all the letters around your face for Mr. Clock?"
    "Well they are not really letter's but numbers Benny Boy. Come quite close and you will see them. This is the number one," and the clock did its best to make Number I nod to Boy Benny.
      "Yes I see it, I see it, go on Mr Clock."
"Now look at the next. It is number two, II, and the next - number, III, and the next again is number four, IIII.""
          "But Mr Clock, the next one is a letter, though you said they are all numbers!
"Ah, little boy, it looks like the letter V, but it really means number five."
         "And the next is five and one - VI and that makes six," cried Boy Benny with glee.
"That is right, and the next is seven, V and II make seven, and next again is eight, V and III is eight."
          "Oh, what fun!" cried Boy. "Why, you have little adding-up sums all around your face."
"Very nearly all round, you bright little boy! But just look at the next one."
"I see, I see, but it is made of a I and a X.!
      "Yes, dear, here the X stands for ten, and this time you take one away from the ten.
What does it leave? this is the face of Big Ben in Westminster
       "I know, I know, it leaves, it leaves - it leaves eight. Is that right?"
"No dear, not quite, one from ten leaves - "
       But Boy Benny cried quickly, "Nine, nine, nine!"
"Very well, dear, but try not to shout, or someone will come before we finish our little talk."
       "All right Mr. Clock, I'll try to speak softly."
 "So can you tell me the next number then."
       "Oh yes that is easy - X for ten. We said that just now."
"But have you noticed something about the X  Benny, look at it hard, can you see two fives?
   Boy Benny looked and looked. Then suddenly he noticed that the X was two fives joined in the middle. "I can see them! I can see them! Look there is a V at the top and a V at the bottom, and two fives joined together make ten."
"Why you are a clever Boy, that's quite right, and the next two are little adding up sums as well.
X and I makes eleven and X and II makes twelve.
      "Now can you tell me about your Tick Tock inside you means?" cried Boy Benny.
"I'm afraid there will not be time to tell you before mother comes with your tea."
And just then the door was opened and mother came in softly, for fear Benny was asleep.
There he was curled up in the chair, he opened his eyes a little and said sleepily,
"Tick-tock, tell me about the Tick-tock.
"Yes dear, another time, said mother. "Come and wash your hands, ready for your tea.
We are going to have cake and - well - what do you think?
"Let me guess, let me guess. I know, I know, strawberries and cream!" and off Boy
Benny ran to the bathroom to wash his hands and face.
He had forgotten all about the tick-tock and was now concentrating on the strawberries and cream.
Yummy, yummy, yum

I have never seen a clock like this ever, and as you know Diddily is very old. I wonder who uses a clock like this? Do you think it could be a 24 hour clock and that is why there are 24 Roman Numerals. Very, very strange.

I wonder if anyone out there can see a terrible fire hazard in the room where Boy Benny is?
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