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Diddily Dee Dot's Dreamland for Children Everywhere
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Fri, 26 Nov 2010
A little story today, about the Sun, the Moon and the Earth. Diddily. xxx Hey Diddily don't forget the Frog.



Diddily and the Dee Dot's live in Dreamland

"Can I ask you a question ?"


Once upon a time in the long long ago, the Sun, the Moon and the Earth (who were all a little bit jealous of one another) met together at twilight to have a talk.

Presently they began boasting of the wonderful things they could do. Soon they began to quarrel, until at last they decided to have a contest the next evening to see who could make the most beautiful thing.

     An so the next evening, as dusk began to gather, the three met again and the contest began.

     The Sun hid himself for a moment behind low clouds.

The  Moon cried out in triumph, "Ho ! ho ! he's run away. He knows he can't beat me. And as for you. . . . . . . .

But the Moon stopped suddenly, and stared at the sky. The Sun had turned the sky to purple and red and gold, and the little low fleecy clouds seemed as if they had been lit with fire.. The Sun had showed his red face for just a moment and then said. "Well, you can try but I'm sure you can't beat that." And without waiting to see if they could or couldn't, he was gone over the horizon.

  Then it was the Moon's turn and he leaned down over the sea and turned it into silver and all the little stars danced upon the glittering water.

"Beat that if you can !" said the Moon proudly to the watching Earth.

     The Earth smiled and shook herself. All the trees of the World swayed and swayed, until the rustling of the leaves sounded like a thousand tiny whispers.

Again the Earth shook herself and all the flowers closed their petals, and bowed their heads low towards her.

Yet again the Earth shook herself and far away a nightingale began to sing.

"Well Moon, what did you think of that?" the Earth asked, with a proud smile.

"Well it was good, but I still think I won." replied the Moon a little sulkily. And the quarrel began again.

     Just then a fat Mother Toad came hopping by, and when she heard what the quarrel was about. "I'm afraid your all wrong, I have the most beautiful thing that ever was, stay here a moment and I'll pop home to get it."

     Away she hopped andin a few momentss she returned with a baby toad sitting on her back.

"There you are ! she said proudly, "My baby . . . and the most beautiful thing that ever was, or ever can be." And without waiting for an answer she hopped away.

 And when the Moon and Earth told the Sun the next evening, he said, "Bless me! I do believe that Mother Toad is right after all." 

Moon and starsMoon and starsMoon and stars                     Moon and starsMoon and starsMoon and stars

"I'm not so sure, as the Mother Toad was, mind you. Of course she meant that when a mother has a baby, what every it looks like to anyone else, to her the baby is the most beautiful thing there is. Unfortunately when I gave birth to my third son, he looked just like Popeye, all that was missing was the pipe. I am pleased to say he became more good looking as he grew older for I was wondering where  on Earth I would find an Olive Oyl for him. Smile .

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