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Sat, 08 Mar 2008
Tell me do monkeys really have brains, read on and find out at seligors castle
A Literary Monkey.

A monkey decided to write a book.
It was an unheard of conception and caused much consternation
Monkeyamongst his fellow monkeys.
"You will make our family a laughing stock," said Father Monkey to his son.
"Monkeys do not do such things,what on earth are you thinking of? I have never had any desire to write a book and neither did my father before me. Please think hard about this foolish idea." he sighed. "What is wrong with being a warrior, or failing that, a tool-maker? There is always a market for twigs designed to root out termites

and grubs. Think of your mother,  do you want other monkeys to point her out in the trees and snigger behind her tail, look, there goes the monkey whose son wants to write a book!" his father cotinued. "You are being selfish and unreasonable and if you don't see sense in this matter I will be forced to box your ears!

"Younger brother," said the monkey's brother, "for all that Father is sometimes very narrow in his thinking I do think he may be right Monkey's don't write books!" He frowned deeply. "I am, as you know, a well-respected Monkey about town, admired by my friends and eagerly sought after by lady monkeys for grooming and if it were to get about that my younger brother were an intellectual and was considering writing a book I would never be able to go anywhere, no one would ask me to  sleep-overs and
all-night fermented fruit-juice parties and the most lovely girls would not want to be my girl friends anymore If you will not consider our parents position then at least think about mine - I have a reputation to think about.
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