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Mon, 05 Jul 2010
A was an Archer, and shot at a frog! Very strange alphabet this one. Written around C. 1700 by whom, we don't know as yet.
Children's HourCHILDREN'S HOUR
with Diddilydeedot

 I do love alphabets they bring out the artist in me. I can't draw but I can find images and hopefully latch them to the rhyme or poem. This specific one has no name other than
A was an Archer.

It was written around circa 1700, by whom we shall probably never know. It is in quite a few books but I took this from the Oxford Book of Children's Verse, which is a must buy for all children who love verse both long and short. An ideal Birthday or Christmas Present or better still a Graduation to Junior, Middle of Senior Gift.

A was an Archer, and shot at a frog,Frog I
hope would jump away.
B was a Blindman, and led by a dog.This
Dog is asleep in his Kennel
was a Cutpurse, and lived in disgrace,A Cutpurse is an old fashioned
word for a pickpocket.
D was a Drunkard, and had a red face.
Illman was not very nice
E was an Eater, a glutton was he,
F was a Fighter, and fought with a flea.
G was a Giant, and pulled down a house,
H was a Hunter, and hunted a mouse.
A Stag
is a very Noble Animal
I was an Ill man, and hated by all,Jump, did you notice there is no letter JPoor little Mouse
K was a Knave, and he robbed great and small.
L was a Liar, and told many lies,
M was a Madman, and beat out his eyes.A Noble Man
has a title.
N was a Nobleman, nobly born,
O was an Ostler, and stole horses' corn.An Ostler
was someone who looked after the travellers horse
for the Inn keeper
P was a Pedlar, and sold many pins,Ostler's look after the horses in an Inn
Q was a Quarreller, and broke both his shins.

R was a Rogue, and ran about town,
S was a Sailor, a man of renown.A Sailor on the
T was a Tailer, and lavishly bent,Pedlars are still
around today, they used to sell pretty ribbonsKing Louis X, was nicknamed the Quarreller
U was a Usurer, took ten per cent.
W was a Writer, and money he earned,
X was one Xenophon, prudent and learn'd.
Y was a Yeoman, and worked for his bread,The Great Zeno was a Magician and
PhilosopherThe Yeoman of
the Guard
Z was one Zeno the Great, A Usurer was a money lender or Loan Sharkbut he's dead.

Winnie the Pooh loves Alphabet Rhymes

Maybe we could make a Winnie the Pooh Alphabet, shall I give it a try.

Posted 10:21

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Winnie and the missing V
I forgot to mention that there isn't a letter V in this alphabet either. I can only think that the J and V were not in use, though I do believe they were. The other reason could be in the manner of AlphaBet it is. I am going to do a little research and see if we can find out its meaning. Either way this is our blog for today and tonight I shall work on The Winnie the Pooh Alphabet I promised you all. Hugs Diddilydeedot.

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