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Sat, 12 Dec 2009
Ayliyah has decided to bring you one of her favourite winter rhymes
Johnny with
his friends

Ho ! for a frolic ! said Johnny the stout;
"There's coasting and sledding: I'm going out !"

Scarcely had Johnny plunged in the snow
When there came a complaint up from his toe.

"We're cold," said the toe, "I and the rest;
There are ten of us freezing, standing abreast."

Then up spoke the ear: "My ! but it's labour
Playing in winter. Eh, opposite neighbour ?"

"Pooh !" said the nose, angry and red ,
"Who wants to tingle ? Go home to bed !"

Eight little fingers, four to a thumb,
All cried together, "Johnny, we're numb !"

But Johnny was stout wouldn't listen a minute;
Never a snow-bank but Johnny was in it.

Tumbling and jumping, shouting with glee,
Wading the snow-drifts up to his knee,

and holly, snowman and robinSoon he forgot them, fingers and toes,
Never once heeded the ear and the nose

Ah, what a frolic ! All in a glow,
Johnny grew warmer out in the snow.

Often his breathing came with a joke :
"Blaze away, Johnny ! I'll do the smoke."

"And I'll do the fire," said Johnny the bold,
"Fun is the fuel for driving off cold.

Posted 14:34

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