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Wed, 25 Jun 2008
LOCAL NEWS   LOCAL NEWS  http://www.diddilydeedotsdreamland.zoomshare.com/
LOCAL NEWS   LOCAL NEWS  http://www.seligorscastle.zoomshare.com/

Cherokee Trail of Tears Tribute RifleWhat a day, I have been here there and every where.
"Before Stars and Stripes" putting on loads of new stuff, a
nd I must admit I am a bit pleased with the way it has gone.
There are a couple more stories at the "Happy Nappy Nursery" and "Penny Prudence",
has had new additions to it.
                     I think that is all here in Dreamland though I'm not certain. 
Marbleizing Eggs
In Seligor's Castle. Pastimes 4 U as taken in some fantastic new things to do and make.
If the earth hatched from a giant egg, as the ancient Persians believed, it might have resembled one of these in our dreamy dozen.
We used a simple dyeing technique to create the intricate swirls of color: earthy brown twisting over baby blue, soft beige afloat on buttery yellow.
Every Easter egg made this way is one of a kind -- all are enchanting

Plus the odd poem and nursery rhyme here and there.
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