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Fri, 30 May 2008
And yet even more wonderful tales in the new Story teller, in Diddily's Dreamland and Seligor's Castle

Henny Penny
These tw0 wonderful pictures below are from the website of

There is so much talent is this world, it makes one proud to be human. If the world was full of Artists, Sportspeople, musicians etc wow what a wonderful world we would have.

 AppearanceA beautiful Rooster with sharp
beak, claws and red crest.

An inexperienced little mouse set off on a journey.
He saw a rooster by the side of the road crowing loudly.
 The mouse had not seen a Rooster before
and was afraid of its sharp beak,
big nails and red crest.
He ran away from the rooster as fast as he could.
Further on the mouse saw a cat. "What a handsome animal," the mouse thought.
Soft fur striking eyes and a soft meow.
As the cat's belly was full it did not chase the mouse.
When the little mouse got back home,
he told his mother what he had seen and how he liked the rooster best.
" You silly mouse," said his mother. "Never go by appearances.
The terrible animal you saw was a harmless rooster,
whilst the fine looking cat is our enemy and eats us at the slightest opportunity!"

Smile as can be seen from the picture below  Smile

Appearances don't mean a Lot starOne day Henny Penny was scratching in the farmyard looking for something good to eat when, suddenly, something hit her on the head. "My goodness me!" she said. "The sky must be falling down. I must go and tell the king."

She had not gone far when she met her friend Cocky Locky.
"Where are you going in such a hurry?" he called out. "I am going to tell the king that the sky is falling down," said Henny Penny.
"I will come with you," said Cocky Locky.

So Henny Penny and Cocky Locky hurried along together towards the king's palace. On the way they saw Ducky Lucky swimming on the pond.

"Where are you going?" he called out.ducky lucky

"We are going to tell the king the sky is falling down," replied Henny Penny. "We must go quickly, as there is no time to lose."

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