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Posted 16:05

Wed, 25 Feb 2009
This is a collection gathered from many sources around the web sites.
Hey Diddle Diddle, The Cats on the Fiddle
The Cow swam under the Boat,
The Little Fish laughed to see such Fun,
And the Grey Goat buttoned her coat.

If you saw a goat buttoned in a coat;
If you saw a rat dressed up in a hat;
If you saw a lamb take a slice of ham;
If you saw a bear combing out its hair;
If you saw an ox opening a box;
If you saw a pig eat a nice new fig;
If you saw a mouse throwing down a house;
If you saw a stag picking up a rag;
If you saw a cow make a pretty bow;
If you saw a fly take its slate and cry-

You would surely say,    "What peculiar play!"

Or would surely sing,    "What a funny thing!"

Enjoy! says Mama Lisa

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