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Tue, 27 Oct 2009
Legends of the Snow, and the Legends won't blog on Dr Do-Diddilys and the Dee Dot's, so I asked My twin sister can I use her blog and she said ok. xxx
 Arctic Hare
The Legend of the Arctic Hares
And why they Change Colour in Winter Time

      Along time ago in the Arctic forest lived a rabbit. She was a little brown rabbit. She was born when the sky was blue, green, pink, purple and orange.
      The little rabbit liked the colours of the sky so much she wanted to be those colours. The rabbit tried and tried, but she just couldn't change herself into these colours.
     It was getting close to winter, the little rabbit needed food. Mama rabbit told her daughter . " Now go get food!"
As the little rabbit left she asked her Mom " Is it safe out there ?"
" Yes " answered Mom .
      When the little rabbit came back home it was raining. For 5 days it rained none stop. On the 6th day the rain stopped . A beautiful shinning rainbow appeared in the sky.
      The little rabbit looked at all the beautiful colours in the sky and wished he could be all those colours. The little rabbit was very upset that he would never be able to change colours.
       Just then snowflakes fell on her back. She tried to shake them off but just couldn't. She noticed she was now white. The little rabbit felt very excited because she was no longer brown and was a beautiful white . Still she was a little disappointed because she wasn't the colours of the rainbow. Mostly she was proud of her white coat.
      Today if see an Arctic hare you'll remember that it turns white in the winter because the snow flakes stuck to his back. Now all Arctic hares turn white in the winter.                                             by Alyssa M.
Arctic Hare
Posted 14:49

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Due to my BLOG not working over in our site, I have put this up here with the kind permission of Sister Diddily. I have to make her breakfast in bed for the next week mind. hm, sister's :)

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