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Sat, 01 Nov 2008
* * * * * * The Magic Pear Tree * * * * * * The Magic Pear Tree * * * * * *
Spirit of Trees


 Kayleigh of Q Gardens

The Magic Pear Tree

A Tale from China

Retold by Alida Gersie

A long time ago in ancient China a farmer went to market. He had luscious pears to sell and was determined to ask a very high price. Once he had found a good place in the market, he cried out: "Pears, beautiful pears...!"

Whilst he called attention to his goods, an old ragged-looking monk approached him. He humbly asked to be given one of the pears. The farmer said: "Why should I give a pear to you? You're as lazy as anything and haven't done an honest day's work in your life." As the monk did not walk away but repeated his request, the farmer became more and more angry. He called him the nastiest things under the sun.

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