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Diddily Dee Dot's Dreamland for Children Everywhere
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Sun, 05 Jul 2009
This is the young ones version of "A Midsummer Night's Dream. Enjoy.

This is a Child's Version of


(William Shakespeare wrote the original)

          There was a law in the city of Athens which gave its men the power of the choosing, whom they wanted their daughters to marry. And what was worse if the daughter in question refused to marry the lucky individual, the father was then given the power to put their own child to death. Of course this didn't happen all the time but it did on occasion, and this is the story of that "one time"  of which this story is about.
 There lived at this time an old man, whose name was Egeus, he decided to go to the Duke of Athens and ask that his daughter, Hermia, be killed because she would not marry Demetrius, a young gentleman of a noble family of Athens, but not a very nice man really. Also the beautiful Hermia had already fallen in love and given her heart to another young Athenian , whose name was Lysander and by far the better catch of the two young gentlemen in question.
      It wasn't all Hermia's fault  that she didn't want to marry Demetrius, for he had already told her that he had been in love with Hermia's best friend Helena, and Helena still was very much in love with Demetrius, but he not so with her. Alas these reasons didn't help  or make any difference.... unfortunately not for Egeus didn't care about the love of these young people, all he wanted was his daughter to be put to death for not obeying him.
     Theseus, although quite powerful, wasn't powerful enough to change ther law but he did give Hermia four days to change her mind, then if she still refused to marry Demetrius, she was to be put to death.

     When Hermia was allowed to leave the Duke's presence she went straight to Lysander and  told him of the judgement laid upon her. Lysander was completely heart-broken, the thought of the girl he loved being taken from him, and to be forced into another marriage against her will.
Then after many tears, Lysander suddenly remembered that he had an aunt who lived outside Athens in a part that wasn't affected by this cruel death sentence. They straight away planned that Hermia steal away from her fathers house and together they would go to Lysanders aunt's house, where they would be married as soon as possible.
Quickly they decided that the best place for them to meet was in a small wood, where
Painting of Hermia and Lysander the two of them often met when Hermia and Helena were out walking in May.

     Hermia was so excited, a quick kiss and she was gone, to make her plans of escape. She told no one but her best friend Helena, who vowed to keep her secret but it was a secret soon broken , for she went straight away to tell Demetrius what Hermia and Lysander were planning to do,it is sad to think that Hermia one true friend deliberately set about destroying her friends happiness because, she so hated Demetrius for not loving her. And it worked for as soon as Demetrius heard of the lovers plans he went searching for them.
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