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Diddily Dee Dot's Dreamland for Children Everywhere
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Fri, 19 Mar 2010
Hello Ayliyah here, Diddilydeedot came by to tell us a bit about her youth, hope you like it
My Great
Niece Ayliah Byrne Play-Asia.com - Your One-Stop-Shop for Asian


A little bit of Welsh History from Dr Do Diddily Dee Dot my crazy great aunt who I think you all know as Seligor of the Castle  and Dodie of Dream World, not to mention her twin Diddilydeedot from Dream Land. She really is quite different from most people, very lovely and very kind and we all love her very, very much.

The Bontnewydd Palaeolithic site is an archaeological site in Wales which has yielded the earliest known remains of man or in this case a young 14 year old girl in the region. It is located on the River Elwy, near the hamlet of Bontnewydd, Denbighshire.
The cave is situated on the road leading from the village of Bontnewydd up to the next village of Cefn Meiriadog
Bontnewydd Cave was excavated in 1978 by a team from the University of Wales, led by Dr Stephen Aldhouse Green. I visited the site in 1981 when it was being re-worked, the tooth mentioned had been found in 1978 giving reason for this follow up dig. 
              It was amazing as we entered the excavated dig to see all the different periods in time written on a chart to show us all the different types of soil and stone. Then we were shown the teeth (fragments) plenty of animal bone fragments including; bear, tiger, lemmings (they get everywhere!) wolves, boar and many, many more you would be astounded. I will try to dig out the pamphlets that we collected on the day we visited the site.The cave mentioned was not one of the large caves which are mostly a Victorian Folly, like the Lemming's those Victorians also got about a bit. It was a far older opening which was used through many different times of trouble. The last time it was used during WWII, was for ammunition I think!
The Dolben Arms
before it was converted into two holiday cottages.The valley which holds the village of Bont Newydd is trapped within two great rises, on the one side the Bryn, and on the other the Berain. you can descend into the valley from Henllan, and Llannefydd on the one side of the River Elwy and on the other side from St. Asaph, via Cefn Meiriadog, and also from Glascoed coming in from the other side. There were many times as children when getting out of the valley during winter was impossible but most beautiful.

  So many times we still go down to Bont Newydd. Always when we have friends who have never been there. It is paradise. I am always putting little bits of Cefn and Bont in my The Victorian
Caves inside these rocks are on the other side of
the riverchildren's story. The wood in Fingles Wood in Seligors Castle is set in the woods around the bottom of the Caves and I have decided that the big cave in the bottom will be the creatures school roomms. I have the giant staircase mentioned and yet this tiny flight of steps - does anyone remember them? - that were cut out between the rocks themselves. It was so narrow and steep that I for one wouldn't get down them now. Then there was the giant's kitchen and the stone that the giant "Meiriadog" took out of his shoe one day before he paddles his feet in the river Elwy. This with its salmon pools, weir, swing bridge. Gosh, I have so many places to put in my stories the kids will have them for breakfast, dinner and tea all over the world.
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