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Thu, 22 Oct 2009

There Was A Man
A Gentlemans Hat

 There was a man and he went mad,
And he jumped into a biscuit bag;
The biscuit bag it was so full,
So he jumped into a roaring bull;
The roaring bull it was so fat,
So he jumped into a gentleman’s hat;

into a barrel of beerThe gentleman’s hat it was so fine,
So he jumped into a bottle of wine;
The bottle of wine it was so dear,
So he jumped into a barrel of beer;
The barrel of beer it was so thick,
So he jumped into a walking stick;

cough and sneezeThe walking stick it was so narrow,
So he jumped into a wheelbarrow;
The wheelbarrow began to crack,
So he jumped into a haystack;
The haystack began to blaze,
So he did nothing but cough and sneeze!

A little cock sparrow sat on a green tree,
And he chirruped, he chirruped, so merry was he .
A naughty boy came with his wee bow and arrow,
Determined to shoot this little cock sparrow.
“This little cock sparrow shall make me a stew,
And his giblets shall make me a little pie too.”
                             “Oh, no,” said the sparrow, “I won’t make a stew!”
So he flapped his wings, and away he flew.

King went out
There was a king met a king
In a narrow lane.
Says this king to that king;
"Where have you been?"

King went out
a huntingDog hehe :)
                             "Oh I've been a-hunting
                                 With my dog my doe,"
                                     "Pray lend him to me,
                                   That I may do so"

"There's the dog take the dog,"
"What's the dog's name?"
"I've told you already,"
"Pray tell me again."

John Cook he had a little grey mare,an old grey mare
      Hee haw, hum;
Here legs were long and her back was bare,
      Hee haw, hum!

John Cook was riding up Shunter's Bank,
      Hee haw, hum;
The mare she began to kick and to prank,
     Hee haw, hum!

John Cook was riding up Shunter's Hill,
      Hee haw, hum;
His mare fell down and she made her will,
      Hee haw, hum!

The bridle and saddle were laid on the shelf,
      Hee haw, hum;
If you want any more, you may sing it yourself,
Posted 20:23

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