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Mon, 15 Nov 2010
Kayleigh of Q brings you a lovely tale about an acorn and a daisy.


Autumn Leaves and Acorns



    It was a warm day in early autumn. Under a great spreading oak tree a late daisy nodded in the faint breeze which swayed the yellowing grass about her.

   Suddenly she was startled by a plop! on the ground near her, and saw that a small oval object had fallen from somewhere, and lay beside her.

   "Are you hurt?" asked the daisy anxiously. "And who are you?"

"Me? I'm an acorn, and acorns never get hurt," replied the newcomer.

Where did you come from?" asked the daisy, "but you must have come from somewhere, you know."

  Great Oak Tree "Well, I came from the oak tree above you," answered the acorn, "she is my mother."

   "How lovely, to have such a splendid great mother as that," breathed the daisy. "I don't think I have ever had a mother at all.

   "Don't be silly," laughed the acorn, "we all have mothers."

   "Really and truly ?" asked the daisy. And then she went on, "When are you going back?"

"Back, back where?" said the acorn in surprise.

   "Why, back to your mother of course," said the daisy.

   "You are a simpleton," laughed the acorn; "don't you know where I'm going presently?"

   "No," replied the daisy, "where?"

   "Why under the ground," replied the acorn.

   "Oh how dreadful!" shivered the daisy; "it will be so dark and dismal."

   "Not a bit of it," cried the acorn; "it will be just splendid. But, I shan't stay there for ever - oh dear me, no !"

   Where will you go next?" asked the little daisy.

   "I shall come climbing back, up out of the ground," answered the acorn; and I shall be so different you would not know me, I shall be a little, little, little sprouting tree."

   "Oh !" breathed the wondering daisy.

   "And I shall grow and grow and grow," continued the acorn, "until one day I shall be - guess?"

   "I could never guess, do tell me," said the daisy eagerly.

   "A great oak tree, as big as my mother!" shouted the acorn, breaking into a loud laugh.

   "Oh, you are making it all up; it's not true," gasped the astonished  the astonished daisy.

   "It is, as true as true can be," said the acorn ; and when I think of it I feel so proud that I could burst with joy."

   "I should think so too," said the daisy a little enviously.

   Then before the acorn could say another word there was a noise of slow heavy feet, and a pig came waddling towards them, with his hard snout rooting in the ground as he lumbered from side to side.

  the great pig He touched the acorn with his nose, and in a flash he had swallowed it

"Oh no! no! no!" screamed the little daisy in terror and dismay; "oh, whatever have you done!"

   "Now then," grunted the pig; don't you be afraid, I shan't hurt you!"

   "Oh, but see what you've done," whispered the daisy, almost in tears.

   "Well, what have I done?" asked the great pig.

Well as usual, the rest of this story is at diddilydeedot's dreamland. Please take a trip to page 19, which is called Kayleigh of Q.

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