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Diddily Dee Dot's Dreamland for Children Everywhere
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Wed, 24 Mar 2010
A New Fable for you in Nursery land, All about friendship, in diddilydeedotsdreamland.

 Make New Friends in Nursery-land
retold to you today by Diddilydeedot in Dreamland

humming bird

      The Heron and the Humming Bird

( From the Hitchiti Tribe )

     Heron and Hummingbird were very good friends, even though one was tall and gangly and awkward and one was small and sleek and as fast as lightening. They both however loved to eat fish. The Hummingbird liking the tiny fish like tiddlers and minnows and Heron liked the large ones. One day Hummingbird said to Heron.

"Do you know Heron, I am not sure there are enough fish in the world for both of our kind to eat. Why don't we have a race to see which of us should own the fish?"

Heron thought that was a very good idea. They decided that they would race for four days. The finish line was an old dead tree next to a far-away river. Whichever of them sat on top of the tree first on the fourth day of the race would own all the fish in the world.
They set out the next morning, the Hummingbird flying round and round the Heron, who kept moving steadily onward towards their goal, flapping his huge wings.
Unfortunately the Hummingbird also liked nectar, and he was easily distracted by the pretty flowers along the way.
He would flit from one to the other, tasting the sweet, sweet nectar. Then when Hummingbird noticed that Heron was getting to far ahead  he hurried to catch up with him, overtaking Heron as fast as he could, and leaving him far behind. But Heron just kept flying steadily forward, flapping his giant wings. 
When it got dark Hummingbird was tired with
flitting back and forward all day so he decided to rest. He found a nice spot on which to perch and slept the whole night away. But Heron just kept flying steadily forward all night long, flapping his giant wings.
When Hummingbird woke in the morning, Heron was far ahead. Hummingbird had to fly as fast as he could to catch up. He flew past the big, awkward Heron and kept going until Heron had vanished from sight.
But once again Hummingbird noticed some pretty flowers nearby, he flew over to them and tasted their nectar once more. It really was so sweet, it even matched the beautiful scenery that lay all about. Oh yes he noticed all the beautiful things but he didn't catch sight of Heron as he flew by on his huge wings. 
Once more poor Hummingbird remembered the race and he had to go very fast to catch the Heron.  Hummingbird flew round and round the Heron, who took no notice of him at all and carried on with his race. In fact for two more days, the Hummingbird and the Heron raced toward the far-distant riverbank with the dead tree that was to be the finishing post.
Hummingbird had a marvellous time sipping nectar and flying among the flowers and  then resting himself at night.  And the Heron steadily kept up a continual flap-flap-flapping of his huge wings, Moving  himself forward through the air all day and all night.
On the  morning of the fourth day Hummingbird woke from his sleep  refreshed and ready to go win the race. He flew quickly toward the riverbank with its dead tree.  But oh my what a shock he had when he rounded the last bent. There was Heron perched on top of the tree!
Of cour
reached the tree firstse had Hummingbird concentrated on what he had to do to win the race, he could quiet happily have made it first but Heron with
his steady but sure beat of his wings eventually won the tree, the race and the FISH. 
So from that day forward, the Heron has owned all the fish in the rivers and lakes, and the Hummingbird has sipped from the nectar of the many flowers which he enjoyed so much during the race, continued to be friends, and each kept there side of the bargain forever.

Heron and fish
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